Version History (Stable Channel)

Version 0.7.3 2020-01-03 (1008.4) Download Stable Testing

  • Fixes the preference pane bug.

Version 0.7.2 2019-11-18 (1008) Download Stable Testing

This is (almost) the same as 0.7.2d137. New features introduced in testing channel now land on stable channel, including

  • Toolbar support.
  • MacBook Pro Touchbar support.
  • Allow images to be dropped directly into the editor. This will insert the image syntax ![]() with the image’s local path.
  • Graphviz graph support.
  • Translation of new languages.

Version 0.7.1 2017-05-15 (870) Download Stable Testing

Fix some over-translation issues with package meta-data. This prevents the About dislog showing incorrect information in translated UI.

Version 0.7 2017-05-12 (861) Download Stable Testing

MacDown now has i18n! Thanks to all people giving feedback on this issue, and all our contributors on Transifex. Visit our project page if you would like to help translating MacDown to your language:

Bug fixes

  • Some usability issues with the CLI utility.
  • A missing resource in the bundle.
  • Unhideable panes on new window after a panel is hidden, the window closes, and a new window is opened.
  • New file not created when being opened.
  • The preference window layout is broken if the font selector gets too large.
  • MathJax CDN shut down in May 2017. Math support is now provided via CDNJS.


  • UI for CLI utility installation. This is super handy! Kudos to @niklasberglund.
  • Piping to the CLI utility now creates a new document with the piped content.
  • Do not select ext in save dialog if possible. This also makes the “hide extension” checkbox work.
  • Suggest filename only when doc have no fileURL is set. This fixes a problem with the CLI utility if you provide a non-standard extension.
  • Launching files from CLI does not always open a new document now. A new document is created only when necessary.
  • Image caches are now less an issue in the preview. This is done by disabling WebCache’s caching via private API. See #746 and #747 for discussions about a more long-term solution to this.


  • Bumped various dependencies to fix upstream bugs. The build process is also improved by this so you can clone and build from source more easily.

Version 0.6.4 2016-11-07 (786) Download Stable Testing

Same as 0.6.3, but disable the DOM-replacing thing. Sorry for the trouble. :(

Version 0.6.3 2016-11-06 (785) Download Stable Testing

Bug fixes

  • Crash when inserting colon in reference (ported from ali-rantakari/peg-markdown-highlight).
  • Crash when asset path is not valid.
  • Crash when certain editor theme is used.
  • Non-existing documents not being launched by CLI utility when MacDown is running.
  • Document being opened again and again when using CLI utility.

New features

  • Improve rendering performance and caching by dynamic DOM-replacing instead of reloading the page.
  • Avoid presenting a save dialog when closing an unnamed, empty file.
  • Add meta tag to make HTML output responsive on mobile.
  • Improve hard line break syntax example in help file.

Version 0.6.2 2016-10-08 (772) Download Stable Testing

Fixed command line utility to correctly load file contents.

Version 0.6.1 2016-10-07 (770) Download Stable Testing

Bug fixes

  • Front-matter detection for file using line endings other than LF.
  • Code blocks with certain languages causes exceptions when being highlighted.

Minor features

  • Styling for <kbd> tags are added to all themes.

    Important Note: You need to manually remove previous CSS files from ~/Library/Application Support/MacDown/Styles for the new style files to be applied.

  • You can now configure a preferred marker for the unordered list hotkey (⇧⌘U).

  • The error message is now clearer when clicking on a hyperlink to a non-existent target in the preview pane.

  • MacDown now handles files with .markdown extension.

  • MathJax processing messages are now hidden in the preview pane.

Version 0.6 2016-03-10 (749) Download Stable Testing

This update adds new functionalities to MacDown, and provides fixes to bugs and usability issues, etc. Recommended for all users.

Major features

  • Experimental plug-in architecture. MacDown can now accept plug-in bundles to add functionalities at runtime.
  • Scripting support. You can now use AppleScript and JavaScript (JXA) to automate interaction with MacDown programmatically.

Resolved bugs

  • Fixed a crash in the command line utility if filenames contain special characters.
  • Fixed strange behaviours when toggling block syntaxes in a document caused by unintended integer overflow and underflow.

Minor features and enhancements

  • MacDown now updates the document content when file is edited with an external application. This prevents you from accidentally saving an older version of the document.
  • Convert lines to ordered list.
  • The save dialog now always appends .md automatically when saving an untitled file. You can still change the extension if you want.
  • The editor is now read-only when you hide it. Hotkeys still work (this is considered a bug that should be fixed in the future).
  • The HTML document is now rendered through Handlebars.

Version 2016-01-31 (717) Download Stable Testing

  • Fixed crashes when the editor font is invalid.
  • Sparkle is re-bundled to make sure we're using 1.13.1.

Version 0.5.5 2016-01-30 (715) Download Stable Testing


This update addresses the security issue found in Sparkle, the automatic upgrade framework used by MacDown. Please upgrade as the earliest possible chance.

You can read more about the security issue at

Version 0.5.4 2016-01-27 (713) Download Stable Testing

  • Fixed a bug causing text being incorrectly trimmed when toggling block syntaxes.
  • Fixed a bug causing crashes when entering Versions.
  • Fixed accessory display in highlighted code blocks.
  • Tried to fix automatic updates again.
  • Spelling fixes.
  • Updated Prism to 73b7135 with a lot of new languages.

Version 0.5.3 2015-11-07 (697) Download Stable Testing

  • Fixed: Could not load HTTPS images.
  • Enhancement: Allow YAML front-matter to end with ....
  • Upgraded Prism to 05a2a15.

Version 0.5.2 2015-10-03 (689) Download Stable Testing

  • Fixed: Preview not rendering under OS X 10.11 (El Capitan).
  • Enhancement: Better editor font size calculation.
  • Upgraded Prism to 1ab4619.

Version 0.5.1 2015-09-28 (679) Download Stable Testing

  • Enhancement: Math block highlighting in editor.
  • Fixed 10.11 El Capitan compatibility.
  • Updated syntax highlighting (Prism @ 513137c).

Version 0.5 2015-08-16 (670) Download Stable Testing

  • Fixed: Line numbers in code blocks not showing without a language tag.
  • Fixed: Out-of-bounds read when toggling markup in an empty line.
  • Fixed: Delete selection behaviour is shadowed by unindentation.
  • Enhancement: Make table-of-content rendering preference global.
  • Enhancement: Implement accessory view for code blocks.
  • Enhancement: More consistent behaviour when toggling block-level markup.
  • Update Prism to ee463e8:
    • Make line numbers plugin work without highlighting.
    • Misc. rendering glitches fixed.
    • Syntax improvements.

Version 0.4.6 2015-08-10 (657) Download Stable Testing

  • Fixed: Preview becoming plain text when clicking on hyperlinks.
  • Fixed: Incorrect CLI utility behaviour when a MacDown instance is running.
  • Fixed: Crash on resource lookup failures.
  • Enhancement: Blockquote and indentation shortcuts now work for empty lines.
  • Enhancement: Add a class attribute to the TOC HTML list for styling.
  • Enhancement: Always add a language-* class to code blocks, even if syntax is not specified (language-none), as recommended by Prism.

Version 2015-06-28 (647) Download Stable Testing

Freeze Sparkle under 1.8 for compatibility.

Version 0.4.5 2015-06-28 (646) Download Stable Testing

  • Add toggle to zoom preview content based on editor font size.
  • Disable horizontal scrolling in editor to prevent word wrapping from failing.
  • Upgrade Hoedown to 3.0.3, fixing incorrect parsing in tables and comments.
  • Upgrade Sparkle to 1.10. May fix multiple issues with the updater window. Feedback needed.
  • Upgrade Prism to f28a3e0.
    • The following new syntaxes are included:
      • Brainfuck
      • Keyman
      • Makefile
      • REST
      • SASS
      • Smalltalk
      • Stylus
      • VHDL
      • Wiki
      • YAML
    • Syntax alias "sass" has been removed in favour of the SASS syntax.
  • Other dependency upgrades.

Version 2015-03-16 (624) Download Stable Testing

Fix crashing on OS X 10.8 by disabling preview pane tracking.

Version 0.4.4 2015-03-14 (620) Download Stable Testing

  • Better bundled documentation. Thanks to @ohthetrees!
  • Bug: Editor size limiting breaks if window resizes.
  • Enhancement: Preview position is now kept when re-rendering.

Version 0.4.3 2015-02-13 (606) Download Stable Testing

  • Revised help file from @ohthetrees.
  • Proposed fix for scrolling issues Retina Macs (revised from v0.4.3d13).
  • Fixed: Preview content flickers constantly.
  • Fixed: Editor font and line spacing configs are not applied properly.
  • Fixed: Divider between panes is obscure if the background colours are too similar.
  • Enhancement: Unknown document’s window now adapts sizes of untitled documents.
  • Enhancement: It is now possible to disable auto line prefix insertion in Preferences.

Version 0.4.2 2015-01-25 (578) Download Stable Testing

  • Fixed: Anchor links with the current document as target do not work in preview pane.
  • Fixed: Incorrect containing directory when saving an auto-created unsaved documents with fileURL set.
  • Fixed: Editor width limits are not applied correctly on launch.
  • Fixed: JavaScript exception in exported HTML files.
  • Fixed: Re-rendering not triggered when certain options change.
  • Enhancement: Contents in code blocks are now excluded from word counts (but not character counts). A inline code span now counts as one single word.
  • Enhancement: Optionally show line numbers in highlighted code blocks.
  • Enhancement: Automatically create non-exited document instead of showing an error when clicking on links.
  • Enhancement: Appearance of the divider between editor and preview pane is now more subtle, and hides itself when either editor or preview is hidden.
  • Enhancement: Better word counter behaviour on launch.
  • Enhancement: More new languages in code blocks with Prism update. New language alias: jl for julia.
  • Performance improvements.

Version 0.4.1 2014-12-14 (535) Download Stable Testing

  • Fixed: Scroller sync does not work in documents.

Version 0.4 2014-12-14 (533) Download Stable Testing

This is a feature update that adds additional functionalities and fixes problems in previous versions. Recommended for all users.

See blog post for detailed descriptions about new features.

  • Upgrade to Hoedown 3.
  • Enhancements and bugfixes with PAPreferences 0.4 upgrade.
  • New syntax highlighting languages from Prism upgrade.
  • Command line utility inside SharedSupport directory.
  • Fixed: Segmentation fault when saving a blank document with "add newline at EOF" turned on.
  • Fixed: Cursor moves when inserting trailing newline.
  • Fixed: Conflicts between input methods and auto-completion.
  • Fixed: New document windows always open maximised.
  • Fixed: Exported PDF cuts out contents.
  • Enhancement: Allow completion even if a matching character follows.
  • Enhancement: Option to disable auto blank document creation when launching without open documents.

Version 0.3 2014-11-09 (485) Download Stable Testing

This version fixes various bugs and adds functionalities. Recommended for all users.

Thanks to Alexander Käßner for both the new document icons and improved Retina preference pane icons.

  • Fixed: Broken TOC support.
  • Fixed: Aut-completion causes later delete operations to act erroneously.
  • Fixed: Programmatic text replacemenet (including insertion and deletion) breaks undo chain.
  • Fixed: Word counts are not calculated correctly when first becoming visible.
  • Fixed: Unintuitive cmd-return behaviour.
  • Fixed: Crashes caused by unbalanced flushing in preview pane.
  • Fixed: Cyclic referencing in blocks causing memory leaks.
  • Enhancement: New documents are now shown maximised on creation.
  • Enhancement: Scroll past end support.
  • Enhancement: Auto-numbering in ordered list can now be disabled.
  • Enhancement: Optional "ensure newline at end on save" support.
  • Updated Prism with Scheme and better NSIS support.

Version 2014-09-17 (431) Download Stable Testing

This is a bug-fixing version. Recommended for all users.

  • Fixed: Preview “jumps” when math is turned on.
  • Fixed: Text in <title> tag is included in word counts.

Version 0.2.5 2014-09-16 (427) Download Stable Testing

This is a bugfix version. Recommended for all users.

  • Fixed: Deeply nested constructs are not rendered correctly.
  • Fixed: Preview pane accepts drag-n-drop into it.
  • Fixed: Editor auto-completion conflicts with built-in quote substitution.
  • Fixed: Word counter does not update if preview is hidden.
  • Fixed: High CPU usage under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed: Inline styles and scripts are malformed in exported HTML.
  • Fixed: Hugh margin when printing and exporting to PDF.
  • Enhancement: Performance boost when resizing by eliminate unnecessary rendering.
  • Enhancement: “Toggle editor pane.”
  • Enhancement: Remapped keyboard shortcuts that do not conflict with system shortcuts.
  • Enhancement: Prism update.
    • Better support to SQL.
    • New syntaxes: Git and Apache conf.
    • General bug-fixes and enhancements.
  • Enhancement: Claim .md extension with UTI export.

Version 0.2.4 2014-09-01 (392) Download Stable Testing

This is a bugfix version. Recommended for all users.

  • Fixed: Window moving/resizing is very slow.
  • Fixed: Crash if the document window is moved/resized when preview is loading.
  • Fixed: Background glitch at the bottom of the editor is scrolled very quickly to the bottom.
  • Fixed: HTML copy when preview is hidden yields incorrect results.
  • Fixed: URLs in image constructs (![]()) are highlighted as links.
  • Fixed: Preview does not refresh with MathJax on if the Internet is slow or unavailable.
  • Enhancement: Reject files that cannot be decoded with UTF-8.

Version 0.2.3 2014-08-19 (372) Download Stable Testing

This is a bugfix version. Recommended for all users.

  • Fixed: Copy-pasting to non-Safari browsers loses format.
  • Fixed: Math syntax causes preview to jump on re-rendering.
  • Fixed: TOC links do not work.
  • Fixed: List item completion is broken.
  • Fixed: Cmd-Left jumps to logical instead of graphical line start.
  • Fixed: Printing does not work if document is longer than two pages.
  • Fixed: Editor does not load large document on app startup.
  • Enhancement: “Export as PDF” function.
  • Enhancement: Suggest file name based on front-matter is possible.
  • Enhancement: Reload preview and editor when theme/CSS is reloaded.
  • Enhancement: “Limit editor width” option switch.
  • Enhancement: Solarized editor themes and preview styles.
  • Enhancement: Update Sparkle to 1.7.
  • Enhancement: Update Prism to 2014-08-17.

Version 0.2.2 2014-08-05 (334) Download Stable Testing

This is a bugfix version. Recommended for all users.

  • Fixed: Endless recursion on editor bound changes, causing editor flickering and/or application crash.
  • Fixed: Auto link detection misjudges certain patterns as links and cannot be turned off.
  • Fixed: Contents in <script> and <style> HTML tags are treated as text by the word counter.
  • Fixed: ⌘← jumps to logical line start instead of visual left end of line.
  • Fixed: List item auto-completion misjudges tab indents.
  • Enhancement: Experimental table of content support.
  • Enhancement: Revised “Hide Preview Panel” behaviour.
  • Enhancement: Editor-preview ratio can now be restored after preview is hidden.
  • Enhancement: Files can now be saved in arbitrary extensions.
  • Enhancement: Pressing tab when selecting text now acts the same as ⌘].
  • Enhancement: Replace : and / with - when auto-detecting file names.
  • Various bug fixes and minor enhancement.

Version 0.2.1 2014-07-19 (301) Download Stable Testing

This is a bugfix version. Recommended for all users.

  • Fixed: Obsolete images in

Version 0.2 2014-07-19 (300) Download Stable Testing

This version fixes various bugs and adds functionalities. Recommended for all users.

Thanks to Alexander Käßner for the new preference pane icons! See the blog post for information about selected new features.

Other updates include:

  • You can now switch between stable and testing release channels in-app.
  • Fixed: Crash during closing a document and/or quitting the application.
  • Fixed: Printing produces blank documents.
  • Fixed: Stucked scrollbars when navigatiing over very large blocks.
  • Fixed: Unable to use as external editor of other applications.
  • Fixed: <iframe> tags are handled incorrectly.
  • Fixed: Auto link detection in editor destroys IME.
  • Enhancement: Optional support for LaTeX-style $...$ inline math syntax.
  • Enhancement: Experimental support for GFW-style tasklist syntax.
  • Enhancement: Preview pane visibility, size, and position options.
  • Enhancement: More language aliases for code block syntax highlighting.
  • Enhancement: Autocomplete blockquotes.
  • Enhancement: Word counts.
  • Enhancement: Experimental support for Jekyll-style YAML front-matter.
  • Various bugfixes and improvements.

Version 0.1.2 2014-06-28 (200) Download Stable Testing

This version fixes various bugs and adds functionalities. Recommended for all users.

We have new icons! Thanks to Matt Zanchelli for the beautiful Yosemite-style app icon and providing Retina resolutions to all icons.

Other notable updates include:

  • Fixed: 10.8 Compatibility.
  • Fixed: Text files cannot be opened.
  • Fixed: Failure to render when texts are entered before preferences are loaded.
  • Enhancement: Menu items and keyboard shorcuts to convert given line(s) to H1–H6 and regular paragraphs.
  • Enhancement: Spelling, grammar and subtitution preferences of the editor are now persisted app-wise.
  • Enhancement: New syntax highlighting language: Objective-C. Use objective-c, objectivec, obj-c, or objc to get it.
  • Enhancement: New syntax aliases: You can now use html and xml as code block language IDs. They are mapped to markup.
  • Enhancement: You can now customise the style of syntax highlighting as well as the overrall HTML style.
  • Enhancement: Exported HTML are reduced by loading only necessary components of Prism.

Version 0.1.1 2014-06-26 (173) Download Stable Testing

This is a bugfix release to version 0.1. Recommended for all users.

  • Fixed: UTI importing so that files with .md extension can be opened correctly.
  • Fixed: various typos.
  • Enhancement: Add option to disable auto-render.

Version 0.1 2014-06-22 (157) Download Stable Testing

First publicly released version. Visit the project site for more information.