Short Notice for Homebrew Cask Users

MacDown has been updated. The most recent version now is 0.4.2 (release notes). This has been a while, so there are quite some new things, both bug-fixes and minor improvements—nothing too interesting if you’re not looking for them. But I still encourage you to update, as always.

If you installed MacDown with Homebrew Cask, however, you might notice that there’s no new version on it. But no, certainly you are not forgotten! This is a side effect as we have moved from a versioned cask to use a rolling, unversioned download link. This means that we no longer depend on Homebrew Cask to publish updates, and you will need to use the built-in update mechanism now.

And it’s totally normal if you don’t understand any of the above. Just do this:

brew cask uninstall macdown
brew cask install macdown

and you will be all right!

This should have been posted earlier, when I released the update. But things intervene and this is a bit delayed. I hope this is not too late. Sorry for the inconvenience.