As you might know, I just added plug-in support in the latest MacDown 0.6 release. This opens a new avenue for those who want to add functionalities to MacDown.

I have been actively preventing MacDown from getting some specific features I considered not essential for a simplicit text editor. Some of the most wanted include sidebar support, and integration with specific Internet services. With the new plug-in arcitecture, anyone is now free to implement any feature he or she wants, and those who don’t want it can just ignore its existence.

To demonstrate how plug-ins work, I have created a simple plug-in called ”Gist it!” that uploads the current document as a GitHub Gist through GitHub’s web API. I also attached some basic documentation, so that you can get a better idea on how things work. I am very excited about this new feature, and look forward for the community to come up more new ideas to utilise it.

With the creation of the Gist it! repository, I now have three projects related to MacDown in my GitHub account (@uranusjr). This make things clutter, and difficult for others to find those repositories. Therefore I have created a new organization account for MacDown, @MacDownApp, that will serve as an umbrella for all MacDown-related repositories, including MacDown itself, this site, and all future asset, dependency, and plug-in projects that we may need.

Repositories previously under my account have already been migrated. Old links will continue to redirect traffic to new URLs, thanks to GitHub, but I think it is still a good idea to edit any link you might have pointed to the old location. Thanks!